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RaceCaller started in 2008 as a Discussion Forum for horse racing fans. Over the years the community, the team and the site have grown but we have always tried to keep the same ambition – the best place for race fans to share tips and thoughts. We believe that horse racing is a social sport with unsocial media and we are doing our best to change that. We make horse racing social by allowing race fans to connect and compete with each other online.

Eye to eye

You can:

  • Play our free Tipping Games to win badges, bragging rights and free bets
  • Comment on any horse in the next race
  • Follow top tipsters, proven “geniuses of the gee-gees”
  • Chat with other race fans in the forum, keep it friendly please!
  • Track your tipping performance over time on your Profile Page
  • Or just browse and see what Tips and Thoughts are being shared

So please take some time to play around with the site and tell us what you like or don't like. We are always looking for new ideas and partners so please get in touch.

To find out more watch either of our videos below:
RaceCaller Explained
Geniuses of the Gee-Gees

Happy racing,

The team at RaceCaller

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