Daily Game Rules

  • It's free to play and all players get a bank of 10pts to play with each day. 

  • Players must select "Daily Game" as the game type on the Racecards to place their tips in the Daily Game.

  • All tips are made as either 1pt win or 0.5 EW at starting price (SP).

  • Players must make selections in 5 different races to be eligible to win the Daily prize.

  • Only 1 selection allowed per race.

  • Profit from winning selections is calculated as (stake x SP) + 3pts. 

    For example

    Profit from a 1pt win on a 4/1 winner would be (1x4)+3= 7.

    Profit from a a 0.5 EW tip on a 4/1 winner (in a race with 1/4 odds EW terms) would equal (0.5pt x4) + (0.5pt x 4/4) + 3pts = 5.5.

    Return on EW selections that are placed will be settled on normal each way terms and depend on the EW terms of the race e.g. 0.5pt EW on an 8/1 shot that is 2nd of 12 (in a 1/4 oddsEW race) will show a profit of 0.5pts.

  • Daily game scores will be calculated to 2 decimal points (e.g. 1pt win on a 9/4 winner will equal 2.25pts + 3pts =5.25) and rounded up or down to nearest 2 decimal places.

  • For results where 2 horses dead result for first place, the points bonus for winners will 1.5pts.

  • All each ways bets will be settled at 1/4 odds for a place with the exception of non-handicaps with 8 or more runners which will be settle at 1/5 odds.

  • Maximum profit from any one tip will be 30pts.

  • Races close 5 minutes before official starting time.

  • Players who select a loser will have their stake subtracted from their total score.

  • Players who select a non-runner will have their stake returned to them once the non-runner has updated on the site (and may make an alternate selection in that race). 

  • Scores are updated once official race results are recieved. No points awarded for walk-overs, all selections settled as non-runners in races declared as a 'Walk over'. 

  • Player with highest profit (that has made selections in 5 different races) will be deemed the winner. In case of a tie on profit, then (1) player with most winners will be deemed the winner, then (2) the player with most EW placed selections will be deemed the winner, then (3) the player with least amount of losing selections will be deemed the winner. If still a tie at that stage (where there are no more than 4 co-winners), prize will be split among the tied-winners. If there are more than 4 co-winners of any Daily Game, winner will be drawn at random.

  • All results settled on Rules of Racing.

  • In the event of any dispute Racecaller.com's decision is final

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