bernard marx 12 November 13:06
Poppy Day again
Will we ever learn ?.
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bernard marx 01 November 10:33
Mary Reveley
Mary Reveley collaspsed and died at her north Yorkshire stables on October 30th,she trained more winners than any other female trainer,and led the way for many more women to take up training,she will be missed by the racing community and her family,I would like to take this opportunity to say Thanks Mary, R.I.P.
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bernard marx 30 October 17:06
Should av gone to Specsavers
AS I SEE IT and TAKE EM OUT are both in the same race,my preference is for AS I SEE IT.
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bernard marx 30 October 16:48
As its the night before Halloween I thought I would tell you a CANDLELIGHT STORY,one night whilst camping outside with a couple of friends,down at INGLEBY HOLLOW,we heard something moving though the DARK HEDGES,I took a QUICK LOOK,and saw a Zombiefied PARLOUR MAID,heading straight for us,followed by another half a dozen Zombies,I picked up the HAMMERGUN that we had been using to put up the tents," TAKE EM OUT " my friend cried out,I fired once and the parlour maids head BROKE AWAY from her body and fell to the ground,I fired again and again making SHORT WORK of the others,AS I SEE IT after that night I am never going camping again.Don,t have nightmares,sleep tight.Good luck tomorrow,don,t eat too many Pumpkins.
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bernard marx 26 August 11:17
Return of the Marx
Sorry everybody,I have had a few internet problems during the week,Google Chrome not working properly,I am now able to play via the Microsoft window.Anyway,enough of my problems,now lets hear yours,Just kidding,I am no Claire Rainer.Talking of which Clair King was the guest on the opening show this morning.Whatever next ?.Good luck today Everybody,lets finish York with a Flurish.
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bernard marx 13 August 10:42
All about that Becks
Today is all about that Becks,that Becks,a treble,all about that Becks,that Becks, a treble,seems very likely today,and he does have a Mega Trainer. If your looking for one at a bigger price,I would suggest Bective Cave at about 7/1 in the 3.15 at Downpatrick,and after the two Becks have won,I can celebrate with a bottle of something,although I can,t think what.
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bernard marx 12 August 11:31
Egg and spoon racing
The families will be watching from the sidelines as their loved ones compete in a series of races hoping to win a gold Rossette which will sit above the Mantlepiece for years to come,and be shown to anyone who shows a remote interest.I hpoe they all have a great dat,but The Shergar cup holds no one iota of interest for me.
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bernard marx 05 August 11:31
Down the plug hole
My magnificent seven winners today scuppered already,as ARCHIMEDES,has lost it again and does not run in the first race today.Whilst munching on a WAGGON WHEEL,an immediate replacement sprang to mind.Good luck today everybody,I hope you have had a profitable week.
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bernard marx 05 August 11:24
Last but no Least.
The Last day of what for me has been not such a Glorious Goodwood,is now upon us.They often say its not how you start,its how you finish.After much thought about todays card,suddenly as ARCHIMEDES once said,Eureka,I have it,MY REWARD for tipping a magnificent seven winners today,will allow me to sit by a CRYSTAL OCEAN eating Chocolates,and drink Champagne,UPSTAGING the people around me.After a few I will SING OUT LOUD,about how I BATTERED the bookies on the last day of Glorious Goodwood,and now I know I was BORN TO BE ALIVE.
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bernard marx 02 August 23:04
Its your move
As some of you may have noticed,I have Menaceingly moved in to 244th place in the Monthly game,and a Dangerous looking 310th place in the Festival game with three days still to go,and theres no sign of me easing off.You may think that I am just a PAWN in this game,but I am expecting a good KNIGHT tomorrow,and by the end of the month this KING can take his rightful place at the top of the CASTLE.Prince Phillip may have retired,leaving the QUEEN to carry on alone,and Emily BISHOP has been missing for a long time,the games not over yet,I am not going to Resign,my next CHESS MOVE will come at Epsom tomorrow night,I have hit the bitton on the timer,and now ITS YOUR MOVE.
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