bigman 18 September 13:12
Sad news
I forgot to put this news on yesterday, but I thought it deserved a mention. The very sad news is the passing of one of our family of top trainers here in Newmarket, where Geoff Wragg was so sadly taken from us. He was one of the names that I will associate with my first memories of his horses in my early memories of this sport that I love. I send condolences to his family and friends.
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bigman 16 September 11:17
Connor sends his best
Spoke to Connor over in Ireland earlier and he's on good form, he sends all the best to one and all, and happy tipping, He only goes for four today and hopes a profit is there at the end of racing.

2.35.Gowran Park. (5 )
2.50.Listowel. (14 )
4.50. Gowran Park (7 )
5.30. Gowran Park. (13 )
Good luck everybody and keep safe
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bigman 11 September 7:19
Better Day Yesterday
Connor was nearly back to the stage that he prides himself on, he managed to pick 3winners, 2 placed, 1no place and 1 N/R From 7 races, my tips were normal losers. Having early breakfast then will be travelling back to the Hometown, and leaving behind some great moments from memorable weekend, spent at my favourite sport and shared with some people who I know I can call true friends, and having my wife with me made it extra special.
P.S. Connor also done average at Listowel, where he had 2 winners, 1 place and 1 N/R from 5 runners.
He's happy enough to still E-Mail me Irish tips in future, and asks that I only put them on site on the understanding he can get things wrong, the same as us all he's not a racing tipster full time, he has a job that allows him to get some access to certain yards. Take care all.
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bigman 10 September 10:29
Not a good 1st day
Right everybody vast improvement needed so today Connor has given his choices, and my picks are the numbers in brackets at side. Connor sends his apologies for yesterdays failures.
2.00.Ice Age (6 )
2.35. Rain Goddess (4 )
3.05.Carravagio (2)
3.40. Clemmie (8)
4.50. Order of St George ( 10)
5.25. Goodthingstaketime. ( 15 )
5.55. Spruce Meadows (10 )

2.10. Grey Waters (5 )
3.20. Creadan Grae (6 )
3.50. Pats Pearl (1 )
5.00.Presenting Mahler. (7)
Here's to a better days tipping one and all and keep smiling as things can only get better, keep safe.
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bigman 09 September 9:49
The Man from the Emerald Isle he say yes!!
4.00. Theobald
4.35. Tough choice between two. LA Vagabond/ Sea the Lion
5.45.Winter, but if your looking for better value he suggests Roly Poly has been looking sharp at home.
6.10. Psychedelic Funk
6.45. Poets Word
7.20. Silverkode.
As I've said previously that Connor only gives advice on what has been looking good in prep. He doesn't ride them in race.

So if these help you in anyway Connor and myself wish one and all good tipping and keep safe
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bigman 08 September 10:01
Just leaving for Ireland
Should be hours not he's.
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bigman 08 September 10:00
Just leaving for Ireland
Will be on train from ,Ely to Leicester at 10.15, then short wait for train to Kildare. Should arrive about 16.00 he's, enough time to relax before meet tonight, then after that the time is mine and my wife's.
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bigman 06 September 8:10
Irish Weekend
Just finalised travelling weekend to Curragh and Leopards town, for what promises to be a great weekend, this time I have my good lady wife with me my friends there in Ireland so want to meet her.
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bigman 19 August 9:51
The man from Ireland he says yessss
Anybody who's been reading my recent blogs will know what I'm on about. Four from the emerald isle

Tramore.6.20 Lizard Point
""""""""". 7.20.Water Sprite
Curragh.2.20. Would you believe
"""""""". 4.00. Hanaina.

Good luck one and all.
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bigman 15 August 8:11
Done good
My contact in Ireland come up trumps again yesterday, more to come folks
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