value bets 30 March 23:18
Cadoudoff r.i.p
sadden to see charlie longsdon's little battler Cadoudoff take a crashin fall that proved fatal at warwick today , have always followed this little grey terrier of a horse aand i extend my condolences to connections , the yard will be sadden to see his empty box in the morning .
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value bets 26 March 0:58
end of the world as we know it !
what is all this talk of racecaller tiping site coming to an end ? i am always the last to know ! seriously though i have seen nothing about this , alot of guys saying to switch to but i can not register there because it says enter jockey silk code but there is no dropdown menu , maybe its because i am using my android phone rather than my laptop , any info gratefully acceptepted , enjoy the week end and dont forget to alter your clocks !!
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value bets 16 March 0:18
Quote of the week !!
i think quote of the week must be awarded to simon phillip part owner of might bite as he said "he was a green as bob marleys tobacco tin" after this quirky star or shall we say enigmatic ? so nearly threw away the rsa chase by drifting across to the rail after being 20 lengths clear !
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value bets 15 March 21:05
cheltenham adventure story
i am going bernard marx style ( brother of carl)after all bern is my inspiration for wild tales, so gather round all you who love an adventure on the high sea!
it all happen aboard the good ship temerair and a TOP NOTCH sea going vessel she was me hearties anyway we got wash up on the south china seas and crashed ashore.if i knew she was a ROCKLANDER i wouldnt of stepped aboard. we landed on the island of EMPIRE OF DIRT , larry grayson of all people lead me to the local big wig , but i thought he was a LIL ROCKERFELLER , he told me he wasnt the top man here but it was in fact THOMAS CRAPPER, i stifled a giggle as i pulled out a VERDANA BLUE cigarette and began to smoke, and cough and wheeze all at the same time as i enquired if he new the exact location of the SOUTHFIELD ROYALE concert hall as i got blown off course and wanted to see dame shirly bassey sing? but he was lost for words and said verdana blue cigarettes? never heard of them , anyway folks have a good day three at chelters good luck one and all !!!!
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value bets 04 January 23:59
upavon hotel
i strolled out of the UPAVON (6.45 CHELM)hotel at around 10 o'clock in the evening to walk on the beach , and what a SEAVIEW( 3.40 STH) it was , anyway i was feeling like a PLAYFUL DUDE( 1.05 STH) but who wouldnt after downing 8 pints of lager, so i started to dance , i guess i was a MOONSHINE DANCER (2.30 WOL) after all it was a COOL SKY (2.20 LING) all of of a sudden i heard the sound of SLIDING DOORS ( 12.50 LING) you guessed it , yes it was the police , i woke up in a cell next to CAPTAIN LARS(2.40 STH) who bored me to death , on release i said no more MIDNIGHT SILVER (3.20LING) for me !! inspired not by rudyard kipling but bernard marx ....
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value bets 31 December 16:05
let me wish you all a happy new year one and all , happy punting in 2017 and lets find those stoomers 33s 50-1 shots !!!!
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value bets 22 December 20:26
how jammy was that ?
my little grand son was jumping around on my knee like a demented squirrel as i was perusing the 2.40 race at bangor i was about to watch the race live on my mobile because i had a bet on follow the bear, when all of a sudden he it the bet button on back to the thatch @28-1 it was a win bet @£1 , i almosted wished he press a bet at £100 , imagine a 5 year old boy can tip better than an old man like me !!!
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value bets 21 December 23:32
merry christmas !!
i would like to wish all my friends on here and fellow pundits of the turf a very merry christmas and an happy new year, lets hope next year we can find a winner or two and enjoy the banter and cameraderie !!!!
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value bets 22 October 13:53
one of those saturdays
i can see its going to be one of those saturdays first race on the telly and my selection COGRY a 1st fence casualty, it can only get better he sayss with a wry grin !!!!
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value bets 22 October 12:03
i have been inspired by bernard marx to tell a story around my tips so here goes !!!
there was NO PLANNING(1.25K) my GRAPE ESCAPE(1.10NB) as soon as i heard the MOUNTAIN BELL (2.20 NB) i knew it was time to make my move , i knew the RIVER WYLDE(5.15CH) well it was a big BIG RIVER (4.15K) anyway i was born TO BE WILD(3.15D) so it ws no surprise to make it to the airport cover in mud to get a TIMELESS FLIGHT(2.05D) back home to freedom.
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