vfm 24 January 16:56
SNo favs last Sunday; only 1/3 of one today Sunday. No help from the market; it looks like this is what we can now expect. My winner today Gorokai was found by other means and drifted from 5/4 to 11/4 but still won like the good thing I thought it was - See more at:
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vfm 20 January 14:05
Odds oddity
Over the past few months I found a pattern:
on Sundays Monday and Tuesdays. The top
trainers were thin on the ground and 'small'
trainers were winning a good share of the racing.
On top of that the prices were in the 1st or 2nd
favourite range. Naturally I jumped in and made
a good profit; until, that is, over past 3 days when
the number of favourites were few, fewer and
on Tuesday - none. The 'small' trainers were still
winning but at long odds. I cannot account for
this: we'll see what the next Sun, Mon & Tue bring
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vfm 31 December 8:16
New Year Hnours
Congratulations to Sir Tony for his well-earned and well-deserved title, but I can not understand why Richard Hannon Snr has not been similarly honoured
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vfm 15 March 10:59
Result stands
Stewards enquiries these days are rare; even more
rare are disqualifications since the rules now require
the officials to be satisfied – fairly certain , in other
words – that a winner has improved its placing in
order to amend the result
In order to increase turn- round betting all bookies
pay out on first past the post so the God Cup outcome
suited them perfectly
A subsequent appeal and changed result would of course
not affect them
Trainer Willie Mullins said it all yesterday «'I'd say there'd
be no need for stewards at this rate of going'»
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vfm 16 February 11:18
The RC team have seen the light at last so I'm postponing my departure
Selections and would-be comments herewith

220 mr Run Ructions Run 9/4
Trainer does well here
250 mr Mubrook 12
Family owned & trained; typical Sunday Winner
335 kem Koolala 4 nap
AP will ride this a winner for Lady Wellesley
510 kem All That Remains 8
AP rides 2 for Mrs Martin; this looks best
320 mr Certification 6/4
Mark Johnson cast-off; looks OK; bad price
510 kem Tanks For That 5
Another Nicky H weekend winner
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vfm 04 February 13:11
My solution; no chance
In an attempt quell the angry posts re Starred Comments I made the following suggestion to RC
When a comment is starred before the race, an additional star will be awarded if the horse wins at odds against

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vfm 27 December 21:01
No comment
The starred comment award has had some stick as a waste of time but presumably it is continuing although there is no obvious evidence of that
My comment on Storey Hill in the 725 at Wolver was

'Won off 70 long time ago now on 45; has done the rounds;
can Mr & Mrs Guest do the trick?'

The trainer and his wife are the new owners and as it won I thought that was worthy of a star: perhaps the scheme has fallen through In any case no more comments from me!
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vfm 22 December 12:00
Time for change
NH isn't working for me at the moment so it's AW for a while
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vfm 10 December 8:09
Is it me or Monday?
A day off yesterday got me going on the quest for winners; 2nds and 3rds yes; but winners none
I know Sunday and Monday are bad days as some trainers give Sunday off to their staff and a horse can go to the races short of a gallop: so no more Sunday / Monday bets for me and nothing today as I have no spare time
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vfm 29 November 13:40
If anyone takes the trouble to look at my input I have to apologise
For the past week this site for me at least has become unmanageable; I can't afford the time it takes to get anything done here so my visits will be infrequent from now on
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