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     We are looking for the top amateur tipsters, Geniuses of the Gee-Gees. There are thousands of race fans sharing tips and thoughts on RaceCaller and we are trying to harness the wisdom of the crowd, believing that the opinions of amateur race fans are often more interesting and informed than the supposed industry “experts”. The RaceCaller system lets you easily discover which amateur tipsters are worth listening to.

     You can quickly discover the Top Tipsters here, see who has had the most profit, who is top for each race course, who has the most followers and who is currently having a winning streak of days and months in profit.

Video: RaceCaller Geniuses of the Gee-Gees video!

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Find top horse racing tipsters and free tips on RaceCaller. See who is worth following and never miss another tip or comment on the next race.

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Published - 2012-07-10

RaceCaller is a social platform for horse racing fans, allowing you find the best racing tipsters - Geniuses of the Gee Gees, people who can get inside a horses head. Discover the best horse racing tipsters and follow them so you never miss a tip or comment on next races. You can find best tipstets for Cheltenham, Aintree, Grand National, Punchestown, Ascot and any other UK and Ireland race course.

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